Exhilarating Transatlantic experience

Includes: Training, social events, accommodation, all food, ARC memorabilia, once in a lifetime experience.

If you have ever dreamt about crossing the Atlantic you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of your level of experience you will be guided by seasoned professionals with multiple ocean crossing experiences keeping you safe.

And as with everything else in sailing, preparation is essential. This guide will take you through everything you need to know before you embark on this amazing journey.

Since Christopher Columbus famously traveled 3.000 nautical miles (nm) across the Atlantic in around 5 weeks back in 1492, holding the time of the fastest Atlantic crossing by sail has been a prestigious achievement.

It is currently held by the multi-hulled Banque Populaire V in about 3 days and 15 hours. In general, multi-hulls are often faster than mono-hulls and sailing across the Atlantic in a catamaran or another type of multi-hull is expected to earn you an arrival 3-5 days earlier than a mono-hull.

Join us in Gran Canaria early November for preparations
Lots of training and knowledge gain
Attend parties and meet dozens of other boat crews
16 day passage, weather dependent
Welcoming party in St Lucia
Enjoy St Lucia before flight home
Nov 2022 Dec 2022 £10,000