Leeward Islands

Steeped in maritime history and boasting an extensive and beautiful coastline, Antigua is an idyllic start to a Leeward Islands charter, embarking in the beautiful natural English Harbour.

Discover some of the island’s history in Nelson’s Dockyard or a visit to one of the many miles of picture-postcard beaches.

 A short distance off the east coast of Antigua, Green Island is an uninhabited island which calls out to those visiting on board a superyacht. With a range of anchorage options, visitors are able to enjoy a sport of snorkeling or simply kick back with some exotic birdlife flying overhead.

Totally undisturbed, the island itself is a natural haven which calls out to be explored at a leisurely pace. Renowned the world over, the Nonsuch Bay on the east coast is loved by sailors due tos tranquility and constant sea breeze.

Another day filled with unspoilt paradise, Barbuda is well known for its incredible and appropriately sequestered beaches.

Travelling around the island, you will be treated to two very different types of beach environment. On one side of the island you will be surrounded by the sapphire waters of the Atlantic and lots of shells and driftwood along the sand. Cruising round to the other side, you will be treated to luxurious pink sandy beaches with the much calmer Caribbean sea lapping at the coast.

While enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, keep your eyes open for sea turtles who are frequent visitors to these waters. To end the day, why not dive into the clear waters at Coco Point to enjoy the company of the many tropical fish, and perhaps collect a couple of shells to take home.

The chic island of St Barts needs little introduction, famous for its flawless beaches and world-class cuisine that attracts the jet-set.

Head ashore for a spot of shopping in Gustavia before anchoring off Saint-Jean Bay, not only a beautiful beach but also home to the glittering Eden Rock and Nikki Beach.

Despite its size, the tiny island of St Kitts offers plenty to do, from the famous golf course to the beautiful plantation houses, lush rainforests plus fantastic swimming and snorkelling opportunities.

One of the island’s many treasures is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park which can be followed by a relaxed evening at one of the many beach bars.

Just a short distance across ‘The Narrows’ is the volcanic island of Nevis.

The island is steeped in heritage and culture and it was here Lord Nelson met and married his wife.  Spend the day anchored off lively Pinney’s beach followed by with a glamorous evening at the Four Seasons Hotel, or for a more relaxed vibe the famous Sunshine’s beach bar.

 Anchoring at Deep Bay no doubt offers the best opportunity for some rest and relaxation. The very vision of an idyllic Caribbean beach, the white sands and palm trees create the ideal backdrop for a day of unwinding.

Similar to Green Island, Deep Bay is fantastic for snorkeling, except here there is a shipwreck to dive down and explore. For those more inclined toward a quieter pace, Fort Barrington offers a more relaxed environment for visitors to gather in. With beach bars located a short distance away, elite travelers are also able to end the day with a tasty sundowner.

Day 1 - Embark English Harbour, Sunday pm Shirley heights
Day 2 - 10 NM Green Island, anchorage
Day 3 - 34NM Barbuda
Day 4&5 - 60NM St Barts
Day 6 - 40NM St Kitts
Day 7 - 6NM St Nevis
Day 8 - 40NM Deep Bay
Day 9 - 20 NM English Harbour
Day 10 - Disembark

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